Welcome dear friend!

If you have clicked this page, it means that deep down inside you have the desire to do something new and exciting, something that will help you let behind your daily routine and all the stress that accumulates during the week…we are not talking about usual sports that may give you satisfaction, but about a very special sport that always gives you adrenaline shots 
 we’re talking about Kitesurf! A clean and healthy sport that will give satisfaction and self-esteem and one day you’ll wonder “Why didn’t I start before? ”

Kitesurfing is an extreme sport and through our school you will get remarkable results in a short time, all in total tranquility. But remember: if you do not use common sense and if you don’t give the right weight to the risk involved, kitesurfing is also the kind of sport that may cause damage to yourself and others. To prevent all this just never try it by yourself but always trust to a qualified instructor.
Well my dear friend, we are here for this reason, to teach you kitesurfing, to entertain you, to help you sailing, surfing and, above all, playing sport.

Beginner Kitesurf Program

Our course is scheduled in 6 kitesurfing lessons
1) Theory: assembling the kitesurf and learning the materials
2) Practice: lesson with a small size kite to get familiar with the first maneuvers

3) Practicing the maneuvers with larger wings, wing take-off and landing
4) Practice: body drag and lost table recover
5) Waterstart simulation on the beach and water start-test
6) Waterstart with the board

By signing up to ours courses you are entitled to have:
Free booklet to study + membership card and equipement to complete the course including wetsuit, life jacket and helmet , school kits by Oceansurf, attendance certificate by FSKI in collaboration with CONI.
 Opportunity to buy our shop’s equipment with very good discounts. Opportunity to store your equipment in our garaging.
Medical certificate of healthy and robust constitution, passport photo, ID card (for those who are under age ID of the person taking their place).